Our Team

Greg Sonnefeld Owner/Operator


Greg, owner of GS Plumbing for the past twenty-two years, carries a Master Plumber’s Card and has been putting it to good use for the past thirty-five years. Before he moved to SC, he spent his time gaining customer satisfaction experience in a family business. Greg enjoys spending his free time with his wife of thirty-seven years, his two children, and his two grandsons. He loves to go fishing and help with various local projects and events.

Pam Sonnefeld Co-owner


Pam, Greg's wife of thirty-seven years and co-owner of GS Plumbing. Pam has helped with various aspects of operations at GS plumbing for the past twenty-two years. Her unique roll can be rewarding and quite challenging as only the wife of a small business owner can understand. Pam enjoys spending her free time with her husband, her two children, and two grandsons. She loves to travel, experience new places, and mingle with the locals.



Mike has been a loyal member of the GS Plumbing team for over twenty-one years. As a carrier of a Master Plumber’s Card license, his expertise in plumbing is undoubtable in all phases and types of service work, including installation. Mike enjoys assisting charity events at his church, and spending quality time with his wife and two children. He loves the outdoors, and prefers to spend his weekends fishing and golfing.



Wayne has been plumbing for over six years and has really caught on quickly to the GS Plumbing way. While he gains experience in all types of service work, Wayne loves the challenge of solving customers problems and meeting new people, making him a valuable asset on the GS plumbing team. Some of his hobbies include white water rafting and just being outdoors, Wayne is also a proud father of two boys.



Marc brings his nine years of plumbing experience to the GS Plumbing Company team. Marc loves the daily challenge of solving problems, finding solutions and interacting with customers, making him another valuable player on the GS plumbing team. Some of his hobbies include music, traveling, and most of all riding his motorcycle.



Erik has been in the plumbing industry for over 29 years and is currently working to get his Master Plumbers License here in SC. Erik is a proud husband and father of 3 children. When he’s not working he enjoys camping and being outdoors.




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