Diamond Club Membership

Do you want discounted repairs, front of the line service, an annual inspection on your entire plumbing system, with front of the line, same day (within 24 hour) service? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are a candidate for one of our very popular Club Memberships.

A membership in The Diamond Club gets you a yearly, FREE, GS Plumbing’s check up, including toilets, tested for leaks and operation and adjusted for FREE! Faucets, if they don’t pass our demanding “Performance Test,” they’ll be adjusted for FREE! Exposed water lines checked for damages, bathroom and kitchen pipes checked for damage, drains checked for leaks and clogs, washing machine hoses and valves tested, water heater, checked for safety, leaks, and corrosion.

This service alone guarantees peace of mind! Answers to your questions and concerns. Basically hundreds of dollars in services each year - for FREE!! Get 10% off all GS Plumbing repairs. Move to the top of the list! Priority service for our Diamond Club members means never having to wait!

A private membership service club that is limited to 22% of our customers. Protect your home from unexpected plumbing problems, extend the life of your water heater, and avoid destructive water damage. The Diamond Club is plumbing security for your home! Don’t wait, move to the top of the list, sign up today for only $7.95/month!!

Reasons to Join!

  • FREE Annual inspection of your entire plumbing system
  • Toilets checked for leaks and operations, adjusted free
  • Faucet performance check, adjusted free
  • Exposed water line check
  • Drains checked for leaks
  • Hot water heater checked for leaks and safety
  • Washing machine hoses and valve checked
  • Front of the line same day (within 24 hours) service
  • 25% off all plumbing repairs
  • Money invested in the club for the first 3 years can be put towards a new fixture or installation