Greenville, SC High Pressure Drain Cleaning

High Pressure Drain Cleaning in Greenville, SC

The plumbers at GS Plumbing are equipped with the right tools to clear any drain. The drain repair tool depends on the severity of the situation. Hydro-jetting, also known as “sewer jetters” or “water jetters”, is the best method available for cleaning drain pipes and clearing any debris that may be clogging the pipes.

Another option is microbiological waste degrader, such as Endure.

Endure is a revolutionary approach to grease waste elimination. This microbiological breakthrough allows the natural ability of the bacteria/enzymes to digest and degrade waste, even in the presence of bleach, quaternary disinfectants, chlorinated dishwash, and alkaline cleaners, which inhibit the performance of most products on the market. This outstanding product has the remarkable ability to withstand intermittent high temperatures (up to 180o) and the high alkalinity from cleaning products. ENDURE utilizes the natural ability of unique bacterial strains to degrade the solid waste that accumulates in grease traps and drains.

  • Endure is a powerful combination of all natural bacteria strains that vigorously consume fats, oils & grease in any plumbing system.
  • Endure is a “Green” product that is safer for people, pets, plumbing and the planet.
  • Endure is a bacteria based biological waste degrader

In every recommended dose of Endure, billions of living bacteria “wake up” and feed on dead organic waste in grease, food particles, soap, scum, paper and bio-material. The colony will double in count every 20 minutes, leaving “Bio-Film” in every inch of the plumbing system.

When properly treated, Endure creates free flowing drains, eliminates foul odors, destroy drain fly colonies, restores drain fields, and reduces grease trap pumping.

  • Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Acid
  • Non-Polluting

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