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Remodeling your home and having plumbing issues? Call GS Plumbing today. Home remodels can be a significant undertaking, both in time and money. Moving pipes, installing new ones, replacing or repairing fixtures; it all adds up! The expert plumbing technicians at GS Plumbing have the know-how to create and install any plumbing task.

Adding New Water Fixtures

While you may need to move pipes and fixtures in your remodeling efforts, you may also wish to add new water features to your home. For example, if you are adding a wet bar area to your home, you may need to run pipes for the sink and for the ice maker in the bar’s fridge. You may want to add a walk-in shower to your bathroom or plan a completely new bathroom layout. Just as a general contractor or carpentry expert may assist with framing and drywall efforts, and an electrician is needed to supply electricity throughout the space, a plumber will be needed to provide water to these new areas of your home.

Replacing Fixtures

In some cases, the existing location of pipes and water features is sufficient for your remodeling needs. You may still require the services of a plumber to replace water features such as toilets, water faucets, shower heads, sinks and more in your home. Some homeowners may opt for more attractive features, and some may focus on installing updated, low-flow fixtures that conserve water.

If your remodeling project requires any of these remodel plumbing services, you should take time to find a reputable, dependable plumber for the job. GS Plumbing is among the most reputable plumbing companies in the local area with over 30 years of plumbing experience. This full-service company can assist with all of your plumbing needs from small renovations to entire remodels.

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